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Accessing Online Library Resources

Log in to online library resources, create stable links to e-resources or embed resources directly into your Blackboard course shell!

Triton College OpenAthens and Permalinks

What are permalinks?

Permalinks are static or permanent web addresses (URLs) which point to a specific item such as an article or ebook.

Why use permalinks?

If you copy a URL from the browser, it usually contains more information than the direct link to the specific item. Some databases also use URLs that change for each new search session, even if you are looking up the same information. Permalinks are stable links that will always get you back to the correct resource.

Will the permalinks work off-campus?

Subscription database links will not work off-campus without authentication from a proxy server. If the permalinks do not include the campus proxy URL, students will not be able to access the material from off-campus. Some databases will add the proxy URL automatically, and some will not.

What is the library's proxy server address?

OpenAthens uses both proxy links and SAML for logging into resources. Your user experience will not change based on the type of service used, but how you generate links will be impacted.

If a database requires the proxy address and a unique link, you can generate a link for the resource by going to the OpenAthens Link Generator.

If the database uses SAML, you will not need to add the proxy before the database link. These resources include:

  • EBSCO resources
  • Proquest resources
  • Gale/cengage resources 
  • Kanopy
  • Credo

Where do I find permalinks?

Most databases will have a permalink somewhere in the record. Each database will post them in different ways and places.

Have questions or need help?

If you need help creating or finding permalinks for sharing content, please contact a librarian. We can help you create stable, proxied links.