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Using the Library Search

This guide includes information and instructions on using the library's new catalog.

How to look at an item record

  1. Type of resource
  2. Title of the resource
  3. More information about the resource
    • Author(s)/Editor(s)
    • Citation information
    • Brief description when available
  4. Peer reviewed icon (only for peer reviewed articles)
  5. Location
    • If digital, it will appear as "available online"
    • If physical, it will indicate the library location and whether it is available. See below for more information
  6. Additional options
    • Citation information
    • Email the record (not the resource itself)
    • Pin the record during your session
    • Export citation to EasyBib
    • Permanent link to the record (not the resource itself)
    • Printable version of the record (not the resource itself)
  7. Physical item availability
    • Item Available: "available at" in green
    • Location items (1 copy 1 available)

  • Item not available: "not available" in grey
  • Location items says (1 copy 0 available)