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World History

Background Information

Important Events Prior to 1500 BC

  • 31 BC – The Battle of Actium 
    • A great naval battle fought between Roman Emperor Octavian and the combined forces of Anthony and Cleopatra
    • This resulted in the end of the Roman Republic and the start of the Roman Empire 
  • 732 – The Battle of Tours
    • The battle that determined that Europe would be Christian and not Muslim
  • 1492 – Ferdinand and Isabella Look West
    •  Christopher Columbus discovers the New World after being sent on a journey by Ferdinand and Isabella

Important Events After 1500 BC

  • 15th and 16th Centuries - Renaissance 
    • The transition from the Middle Ages to modernity through humanism, art, science, religion, and self awareness
  • 17th and 18 Centuries - Age of Enlightenment
    • The age of reason, scientific discovery, and process by the way of social and political reform
  • 19th Century - A Time of Change
    • Slavery was abolished
    • The First and Second Industrial Revolution happened
    • The first electronics were coming into existence 

Reference Books