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Maps and Geographic Information Systems

Basic information about Maps and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


This guide is intended to serve as a basic starting point for finding maps and exploring spatially arranged data (GIS).  It provides access to a variety of print and online resources, including free available digital map collections, GIS tools, and tutorials. 

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  • Finding Books
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  • GIS
  • U.S. Maps, GIS, & Data
  • Googls Maps/Earth
  • ArcGIS
  • Across the Curriculum



"A book of maps, charts, or tables."

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"Cartography is the art, the skill, and the science of making maps."

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"A software product, acquired to perform a set of well-defined functions (GIS software); digital representations of aspects of the world (GIS data); a community of people who use these tools for various purposes (the GIS community); and the activity of using GIS to solve problems or advance science (geographic information science)."

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"Conventionalized representation of spatial phenomena on a plane surface."

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Mercator projection: map of the world, 1569

Credit:  Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Citation:  Mercator projection:  map of the world, 1569.  Photograph.  Encyclopedia Britannica Online.  Web.  9 Apr. 2012.