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Women's History Month

Women's History Month

Celebrate Women's History Month with the Triton College Library!  We have curated a wonderful assortment of books honoring women and their many--and often unknown--bold and fearless contributions throughout history. 

In the menu on the left (or above on devices), you'll find access to and lists of suggested books and readings for March!  Not only do we have a virtual listing of fiction and non-fiction books you'll find on display here in the library for March, but you'll also find links to fiction and non-fiction ebooks and audio books that you can read using your Triton College Library access.  Keep checking this page, as new content will be added throughout the month and more books will be added to the displays.

Test your knowledge of famous women and their quotes in the interactive quiz below.  How many did you get right?

Be sure to advance the slides to complete the quiz.