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What is AI and ChatGPT?: Introduction

In this research guide you will discover the inner workings of language models such as ChatGPT and the history of artificial intelligence. You'll also gain insight into AI plagiarism and the methods for detecting AI generated text.
Considerations by Shekinah Lawrence

Guest Contributor

 Atticus Garrison  Blackhawk College

Triton College Library is honored to introduce our 1st guest contributor, Atticus Garrison of Blackhawk College. Atticus is a reference and instruction librarian at Blackhawk College Library in Moline, IL. Blackhawk College partners with Triton College through the Network of Illinois Learning Resources in Community Colleges, also known as NILRC. 

Portions of this guide have been adapted to fit the teaching and instruction practices of the Triton College Library and will be adapted and maintained by Triton College Library librarians. 

If you want to contact Atticus Garrison for more information or see the original guide, please click HERE.

Resource Librarian

Kirk Bowman

Reference Librarian

Please reach out to Kirk if you have any questions about this guide. Kirk updates this guide frequently and is constantly sourcing new information about what is happening in AI, ChatGPT, and other language models. Email Kirk at or

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