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Disability & Neurodiversity Resources

A guide to resources for researching disability and neurodiversity topics, reading disabled and neurodiverse voices, and seeking disabled and neurodiverse literature and media.


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Triton College Library uses the Library of Congress classification for digital and physical materials. Library materials are organized according to Library of Congress Subject Headings and use the keywords associated with Library of Congress controlled vocabularies. 

Note on Subject Headings: “Terminology changes, and like all classification systems, the Library of Congress Subject Headings contain some outdated and possibly offensive terms and may not contain the newest terminology.” (University of Maryland Libraries DEI Research Guide

It may be necessary for you to use outdated and possibly offensive terminology in order to conduct your research, though you may choose not to use that terminology yourself in your writing or speech.

Keywords (UC Berkeley Library's Disability Studies Guide): Abledness, Ableism, Accessible, Access, Aging, Deaf, Deaf Studies, Disability, Disabled, Dis/ability, Disease, Enable, Inclusion, Normative, Normalcy, Sick, Sickness, Universal design.

Subject Headings (Chicago History Museum's Disability Studies Guide):

  • Blind
  • Children with disabilities
  • Community mental health services
  • Deaf
  • Mental health services
  • Mentally ill
  • People with disabilities
  • Dwarfs (Persons)*
  • Social work with people with disabilities

*This term is outdated. The term "little person" or "person with dwarfism" are preferred (University of Washington)

Research Tips

  • Disability Studies is interdisciplinary.
  • Distinguishing between medical, scientific, historical, and sociological studies and treatments of disability can be difficult.
  • Finding sources that fit your research parameters can be difficult. 

(These tips come in part from UC Berkeley Library's Disability Studies guide).

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Guides & Handbooks

Request Media Through Kanopy

If you find a film held by Kanopy that the library does not have access to, you can send a request form that links directly to the film. Just look through the films you can request, fill out that request form, and library staff will get back to you with information about your request.   

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Recommended Reading