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BYOB: Bring Your Own Book Club

December 2018


“Books break the shackles of time – proof that humans can work magic.” – Carl Sagan


Books We Talked About


Alchemist Coelho, Paulo
               All our Wrong Todays MastaiElon
Best We Could Do
Bui, Thi

               Dare to Lead 
/ Brown, Brene

Deaf again
 Drolsbaugh, Mark

               Destiny Thief / Russo, Richard

 / Westover, Tara

               Fail U / Sykes, Charles J.

 / Rand, Ayn

               In his Father’s Footsteps
Steel, Danielle

My Brilliant Friend /
 Ferrante, Elena

               Nevertheless we Persisted /
 Klobuchar, Amy

Personality Hacker 
/ Witt, Joel Mark, and Antonia Dodge

               Reality is Not What It Seems Rovelli, Carlo

Thanks for the Feedback /
 Stone, Douglas, and Sheila Heen

               These Truths 
Lepore, Jill

 / Hillenbrand, Laura

               What Does It Mean To Be White? / DiAngelo, Robin