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Nutrition Science

This Guide will connect you with selected print and digital resources in Nutrition Science.

Background Information

According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, "Nutrition is the sum of all the processes by which food enters and is utilized by the body. Nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Fiber in foods is not a nutrient in the strict sense but helps to prevent disease and control weight." Nutrition is an important part of being alive since every living organism needs to be able to absorb essential nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies are the result of a poor diet and often times lack of access to fruit, vegetables and grains. The body's absorption of nutrients highly depends on what is going, how often, and how quickly. The field of nutrition science sets out to understand just how important nutrients are and where we go wrong in obtaining them. (Source: Credo)

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