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National Day of Illinois

National Day of Illinois

The Triton Library is honoring National Day of Illinois with a book display featuring books from our physical collection.  You'll find books about Illinois, people from Illinois, recipes, poetry, fiction/nonfiction.  We also have some of the Triton published poetry publications on display for Passage and Ariel!

Illinois Poetry - Published by Triton College

The poetry publications of Passage & Ariel were printed by Triton College following the annual "All Nations Poetry Contests" that had been sponsored by Triton College from the 1970s into the early 2000s.  The poems feature worldwide poets as well as poets local to both Illinois and the Triton district.  These are truly Triton treasures and we have several to look at!  Some of the volumes are on this display in the library.  For assistance in locating these or any of the other volumes of these publications, please contact the Triton College Archivist, Leah Lestina, who can be reached at or 708-456-0300, x3406.

Nonfiction: People of Illinois

Nonfiction: Illinois History


Nonfiction: Memoirs

Illinois Poetry

Recipes and Food