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Story Telling for Story Time

Want to read a story to the kids?

Here are some tips for reading to young listeners:

  • Read your story a couple of times before you read to your preschoolers.

  • Preschoolers learn through play! So play within your story!

  • Make sure your story has a beginning, middle, and end. Your audience can't wait to repeat your story over again. Having a beginning, middle, and end helps them to remember and retain.

  • Look for stories that are FUNNY! Children love to laugh! Adding sound effects and broad motions adds to the drama and entertainment of the story.

  • Your audience will want to PARTICIPATE so tell an interactive story. Stories with call and response or stories with animal or car sounds will always be fun.

  • Make sure to invite your audience into the story. Preschoolers enter into stories with abandon and enthusiasm. Young listeners enter into the story through the teller's invitation and will walk hand and hand with the teller until the end.