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Introduction to Horticulture

This guide provides a general overview of horticulture as a science. It will also highlight selected items that will be featured in the Spring 2022 book display.


Horticulture is a science that features the study of the science and the aesthetics of plant life. This Libguide contains information of each of different forms of horticulture, give suggested resources, and provide reference material to get your research started. 

The Spring 2022 book display featuring the subject of horticulture will focus on spring plants, houseplants, and literature featuring plant and nature themes. Plant and nature appreciation is expressed in many literary forms. The display is a selection of physical and digital titles that either provide information on nature and plant education, plant care and appreciation, and plants and nature used as a backdrop for literature in poetry, prose, and story form.

Triton College Library is partnering with the Horticulture department to showcase spring and house plants to enhance the book display and create awareness around Triton's horticulture program.

The horticulture program at Triton College offers a great range of courses for degree seeking students as well as plant enthusiasts. For more information about the horticulture program at Triton College click here.

Books About Plants or Featuring Plants

Below are a few books about or featuring plants that are in our current Spring 2022 book display.