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Linux Resources: Online Resources

Reading Material

  • Linux Journey 
    • Linux Journey offers fun ways to learn Linux by breaking topics into bit size pieces including:
      • lines
      • text
      • advanced text 
      • user management
      • permissions
      • processes
      • packages 
      • and more!
  • Linux Handbook
    • Learn the code needed to do basic Bash shell script in short and easy to follow chapters.
    • Topics include:
      • Automation With Bash
      • Using Functions in Bash
      • Understanding Variables in Bash Shell Scripting
      • Loops in Bash
      • and more!
  • ubuntu
    • Learn a brief history of Linux before jumping in to the main overview.
    • Topics include:
      • Opening a terminal
      • Creating folders and files
      • Moving and manipulating files
      • A bit of plumbing
      • The command line and the superuser
      • Hidden files

YouTube Video Options

LinkedIn Learning

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Cheat Sheets

Shell Checks

  • ShellCheck
    • Finds bugs in your shell scripts.
    • You can cabal, apt, dnf, pkg or brew install it locally right now.
  • ExplainShell 
    • Write down a command-line to see the help text that matches each argument
    • Understand what all of your lines of text mean.

Linux Playgrounds

  • Linux Survival 
    • Play around with Linux code following this interactive tutorial.
  • CoCalc!
    • "A Linux Terminal that can't mess up your own computer."
  • JSLinux
    • Run Linux or other Operating Systems in your browser.
    • OS options:
      • Alpine Linux 3.12.0
      • Windows 2000
      • FreeDOS
      • Buildroot 
      • Fedora 33 
  • Coding Ground
    • Execute Bash Shell Online
    • Test your Bash shell script 

Community Boards

  • DEV
    • Discover a community of developers who come together to discuss code.
  • Stack Overflow
    • Stuck on something? Consider looking on this Q&A section for answers.