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International Update Your Resume Month

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In this video, shares advice from expert career coaches. She explains how to choose the best type of resume for your application, the best resume format, how to maximize the impact of your resume bullet points and some insider information on what you should include.

Employers will likely form their first impression of you based on your resume, but they may only review it for a few minutes, or even seconds. Learn how to create an effective resume that may help you stand out to employers in this virtual workshop with Career Consultant Jackie Mitchell.

A resume is a key part of any job application and, often, an employer’s first impression of you. Learn a few simple ideas to help your resume stand out. Here are 5 basic tips to get you started.

Adding skills to your resume is a small change that makes it much easier for recruiters to quickly identify your key strengths and qualifications. So, if you have customer service skills, communication skills, or leadership skills, go ahead and list them. If you're not sure what skills to add, we provide examples of the top hard skills and soft skills to put on a resume, like computer programming and interpersonal skills. Remember, the smallest moves are sometimes the smartest!