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Triton College Library Website: About

Library Mission

The mission of the Triton College Library, aligns with the college mission of “valuing the individual, educating and serving the community." To this end the library provides curriculum-driven resources, instruction, and programs to increase student success and meet the diverse academic and information needs of the college and community. 


Dr. Dubravka Juraga, Faculty Librarian & Library Chairperson

Dr. Robert Connor, Faculty Librarian

Shekinah Lawrence, Faculty Librarian

Alexander Gutierrez, Librarian

Leah Lestina, Librarian

Lisa Huff, Librarian

Kirk Bowman, Librarian

Kaye Jansen, Librarian


Circulation Staff

Andrew Wittrock, Coordinator of Circulation Services

Aaron Doyle-Marzette, Library Technology & Circulation Assistant

Reynaldo Bouchette, Library Technology & Circulation Assistant

Lucy Berrones, Circulation Clerical I

Juliana Garcia, Circulation Clerical I

Nate Ponce, Circulation Clerical I

Technical Services Staff

Amy Pinc, Director, Library Systems & Technical Services

Heather Fairbanks, Program Assistant

Sylvia Pongener, Cataloger 


Triton College Library
A Building, Room 200
2000 5th Avenue 
River Grove, IL 60171

Reference Services

Phone: 708-456-0300 ext. 3698

Circulation Services

Phone: 708-456-0300 ext. 3215

Technical Services

Information about the Triton College library archives email Robert Connor

Students in the Library must abide by the Triton College Student Code of Conduct.

Library Goals and Plans


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