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Academic Support Services

CAAS Services for Online Students

Center for Access and Accommodative Services

  • Accommodated Testing
  • Assistive Technology
  • Assistive Computer Software
  • Advocacy
  • Referral Services

Spring 2021 Request for Accommodations

New students may submit their request for accommodations for the semester. Students will need to fill out a CAAS Confidential Data form that can be found on the CAAS website. The students HS I.E.P. And psychological report must accompany the data form for staff to be able to process the request. This information can be sent via email to

Free Sonocent Notetaking Software License for Triton College Students

The Sonocent software records lectures and allows the user to add markers for key points while recording the lecture. Slides, diagrams and text notes may also be added alongside of the related audio. The user may then manipulate the information to review important points when preparing for exams without having to review the entire recording.

A Sonocent demo may be viewed at

Students interested in obtaining a free license must be registered in the current semester, have a valid Triton College e-mail address, and submit a Request for Sonocent License form to