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TikTok Book Club

TikTok is introducing an official book club!

With a new hub in the app, users "can easily find out about the month's title, and start creating and sharing their own reviews, book aesthetics or newest literary crush!" (from It's Time to Join the TikTok Book Club!).

TikTok has appointed five BookTok Laureates: @li.reading, @jackbenedwards, @cocosarel, @Bmercer, and @edenreidreads (from It's Time to Join the TikTok Book Club!). As each month comes to an end, these BookTok Laureates will co-host a live, in-depth discussion of the novel.

For more information about the official TikTok book club, check out the article linked here.

For August 2022, the book of the month is Bolu Bobalola's Honey and Spice, pictured below. You can check out or request Honey and Spice from Triton!

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